Submit an Anonymous Tip (209) 946-0600
Submit an Anonymous Tip (209) 946-0600

Stockton Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers helps citizens report a crime or assist law enforcement anonymously. When you call Crime Stoppers with information concerning criminal activity or fugitives, you are given a code number rather than asked to identify yourself.  You can even use your assigned code number when making additional calls with updated information. We want THEIR name(s), not yours.  Information from callers is given to Investigators.  When fugitives wanted for felony crimes are arrested, cash rewards are then paid.

On April 13, 1981, Stockton Crime Stoppers became the first Crime Stoppers program implemented in California.

To date, there are approximately 26 Crime Stoppers programs throughout the State of California. Tips received through Crime Stoppers have directly resulted in clearing more than 4,500 cases being cleared, over 2,700 arrests, and the payment of more than $223,000 in rewards. Add that to the recovery of more than $4,843,000 in property, money, and narcotics seized, and see that Crime Stoppers does pay.

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